About MeSo Consultants

MeSo is a specialized consultancy company with a hands-on mentality. We focus on European research grants, research management and administration. MeSo excels in building bridges which connect research, innovation and funding opportunities. Being specialized in EU funding opportunities for over a decade now, MeSo offers tailor-made services with a high level of in-depth knowledge based on years of experience.

Our team has profound experience in the following funding areas: Horizon2020, EASME, FP7, FP6, EACEA, ESF, INTERREG, DG ECHO, EACI and EAHC. Team members have worked for universities, the Commission, industry partners, audit companies, start-ups et cetera. Our customers benefit from this experience and the networking opportunities.

Merel-Marlijn Sondervan founded MeSo Consultants in 2014 in order to make European funding a true business opportunity for all beneficiaries. Professional European project management is what we offer, from A-Z. Our services are based on experience and MeSo strongly believes that this hands-on approach will always form the best solution for its customers. We are passionate about sharing knowledge and best practice, which we promote through our training courses. 


Theresia Twickler – director of PEPM and Twickler Training
Merel-Marlijn Sondervan: The first time we met there was a spark in her eyes when talking about European research funding. With her passion for professionalization of European Project Managament she amazed me I am gratefull for having learned this much from Theresia and working closeley with her. Theresia has truly inspired me to aim high and never give up on quality.

Pablo Picasso – artist
I do not seek. I find.